Yoh Usui
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Hair Color:


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Former Head


Demon: Tengu


Yuri Usui (Wife) †

Sho Usui (Son) †

Kyo Usui (Son)

Misao Harada (Daughter-in-law)

Sou Usui (Grandson)


He is the Father of Kyo and the current Head of the Tengu clan. He is presented with a young, orphaned girl, Yuri, to be cared for and raised in their village. They become fond of each other with Yuri following him around with childish affection. As the years pass, despite his knowledge to the otherwise, this once young girl becomes his wife even though other Tengu from the village had differing opinions on this. The Senka Maiden's upcoming birth required Yoh to have strong male heirs to marry the Senka Maiden. However, Yoh's decision to marry Yuri brings fruit of two beautiful strong sons.


Sakurakouji's Character IntroductionEdit


After the birth of his sons, he begins to fear Sho as he senses an evil-darkness within his son. Yoh is not the only one to notice this about Sho. It becomes apparent that, despite Sho have powerful strength, it is actually Kyo that should be the one who would become the new Head of the Tengu clan. Henceforth, Yoh works in secret to rally support for Kyo to be the Tengu's successor, while pretending to be an easy-going Head of the Tengu clan willing to go with the flow of events. Therein follows certain events and happenings that involve the betrayal of Yuri, which result in him being removed as head of the Tengu clan. When he discovers it was his wife that impacted these events, he blacks out only to come to with his hands around his wife's neck, strangling her. He leaves in an high stung and altered state, having come to the realization that perhaps the evil he fears that grows in his son, Sho, may in fact stem from himself. After being drenched in the rain filled night, he comes home to find his wife dead, apparently poisoned by suicide. He then leaves the village without any word or explanation to anyone, not even his sons, making himself appear to be the one responsible for killing poisoning his wife.


He is nice with a seeming easy going personality. He is very caring of Yuri when she arrives to his village. However, through later events involving his sons Sho and Kyo he discovers that perhaps the dark side he fears lies in Sho actually may come from him.