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Demon: Tengu


Saburo (triplet sibling)

Jiro (triplet sibling)


Taro is a triplet with Saburo and Jiro. He is in Kyo's Daitengu and is taken care of by Kyo. Taro does most of the regular housework in Kyo's mansion, such as gardening, cleaning, and cooking.



When Taro and his brothers, Jiro and Saburo, were born, the Tengu community thought that they would become part of the Daitengu because they were triplets. Triplets were seen as a sign of power in the Tengu village. They were almost killed by Sho, who claimed it was training. After that, Kyo took Taro under his wing, and has kept Taro with him and trained him as a part of the Daitengu.


Tarou potrait

Taro excited

Taro loves ice cream. He's very loyal to Kyo, and is sensitive and nice. He's small but powerful and often teased by Kyo, but he sees this as a demonstration of Kyo's love.


Kyo UsuiEdit

Taro is part of Kyo's Daitengu. Kyo took Taro under his wing after the triplets were beaten almost to death by Sho. Taro sees Kyo as "gentle", even though Kyo often teases him. In an effort to cheer up Taro, Kyo offers to cut Taro's hair - bald. The shield over Kyo's mansion was made not to keep unwanted people out, but to make it so their powers were limited in an effort to make it easier for Taro.

Sho UsuiEdit

Sho beat Taro and his brothers almost to death, claiming it was training. Taro actually used himself as a shield to protect his brothers. He was tortured the most by Sho and crippling his ability to fly. Then, when Misao is taken by Sho, Taro follows them and is severely wounded by Sho.


Jiro is Taro's younger brother. He is always reading for study and wants Taro to study more, too. Jiro doesn't like Taro because Kyo prefers Taro, who Jiro sees as a needy scaredy cat.


Saburo is Taro's younger brother.

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