Sho Usui
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Hair color:


Eye color:

Blue(natural), Red(Tengu)


Demon: Tengu




Yuri Usui (mother, deceased)

Kyo Usui (younger brother)



About Edit

Sho Usui was the original heir of Tengu Clan. He was the older brother of Kyo Usui.


Sho looked just like Kyo except Sho had long hair and he had an eye patch on his left eye.

Sakurakouji's Character IntroductionEdit


Sho was originally the heir to the Usui clan. He was the leader but his brother Kyo beat him thus taking on Sho's previous role. When he and Kyo were young, Misao would always come next door and play with the two brothers. Misao would always call Sho "Sho-chan!" One day when Misao made a mud pie for Sho, he slapped her. After Kyo left, it was suspected that Sho went back with Kyo and the others to the Village. Sho was the one who sealed away Misao's memories. It is also revealed by Ayame, Sagami's wife, that aside from Kyo, Sho also gazed into the water mirror in their village to look at Misao. Sho was one of the 8 Daitengu known as Sojo.     


Sho had a personality problem and is cruel and cold. Sho said he held no love for Misao but, it is later on revealed that he loved her and that he wished that she had chosen him instead of Kyo.

Abilities Edit

Sho had mastery over spiders and snakes, controlling them to suit his will.


Misao Harada: When Misao was a young girl she would always visit the household next door to play with Sho and Kyo. Her memories were somewhat foggy, but it was in fact Kyo who she was always spending time with. At one point, Sho slapped Misao after she had made him a mud pie. Sho was supposed to take Misao for his bride but his brother, Kyo, surpassed him in order to become the clan leader due to his desire and love for Misao. Kyo becoming the leader in place of Sho allowed him the right to marry the senka maiden. Sho despises the fact that Misao chose Kyo over him, and manipulated Misao's memories to confuse her emotions. Ten years after Kyo and Misao reunite, Sho kidnaps and attempts to rape Misao to overturn Kyo as leader and make him never want her. Sho had also planned to devour her, but Kyo finds her in time to rescue her. Sho is then incarcerated in their home village. It was revealed later to the two that Sho was the one who sealed up Misao's memories. It is said in volume 13 that Sho loves Misao and wishes she was his instead of Kyo's.

Kyo Usui: Kyo is Sho's younger brother and the one who took the title as Leader of the Usui clan. Sho hates that his brother was always there in case he failed. He calls Kyo "the spare tire" or "back-up plan".

Ayame Usui: The only person who believes in Sho and whose attitude for him did not change even after the thing that he did to the other clan members. Sho didn't like the fact that Ayame and Sagami (Ryo) had gotten married because it lead him to feel more isolated.

Hoki: Sho knows about Hoki's past so he uses that to his advantage when he tries to take over the clan. He wants Hoki to join his side so they can both take over Kyo.

Zenki: Sho is the one who removed his seal when he wanted Kyo to lose all his protectors . Sho kept him as a hostage until he was ready to set him out on the village.