Ryo Sagami





Hair Color:

Ash blonde

Eye Color:

Blue(natural), Red(Tengu)




Demon: Tengu


Ayame Usui (wife)

Hoki (younger brother)

Ryuu (Son)

Tsubaki (Daughter)


Sagami is one of the Eight Daitengu. He is protective of Kyo and will stay by his side no matter what. Sagami is also very collected and doesn't show his fears or emotions. Sagami is married to Ayame Usui who is Kyo's cousin.


He has long ash blonde hair with a ribbon made from his wife Ayame's feathers, piercings, blue eyes, and wears a serious expression.

At the end of the series Sagami is seen with short hair because he cut off his ponytail to offer as a prayer.

Sakurakouji's Character IntroductionEdit



He is serious and un-forgiving. He wants things done yet thought-out completely. Sagami cares about his wife and brother but doesn't openly express it.


Ayame Usui: She is Sagami's wife, who was often ill before she drank Misao's blood. Sagami loves her and worries about her constantly. When they got married, they made a promise to each other that they would always protect Kyo and Misao instead of the other.

Kyo Usui: Sagami is very protective of Kyo. He is one of his Daitengu and will do anything for him. Before Kyo was clan leader, Sagami was Kyo's attendant, staying by his side even with the taunts and hate from the Tengu.

Misao Harada: At first Sagami dislikes her, but then he starts to warm up to her and accept her. Because she is the Senka Maiden, he will do anything for her. He often tells Misao stories about Kyo when he was younger.

Hoki: He is Sagami's younger brother by 9 years. He is close to Sagami even though Sagami acts distantto him. He looks up to Sagami and Kyo and loves them. Hoki's desire to follow in Sagami's footsteps leads him to temporarily side with Sho, then attempt to attack Sho. ( Which he suffers injuries from but does not succumb to them. )