Kensuke Dojoji





Hair Color:

Eye Color:


Shirohebi Clan Leader


Demon: Shirohebi


Kiyo Dojoji (twin sister)


Kensuke is a Shirohebi (a snake demon), and the current clan leader. He is very shy, unlike his twin sister Kiyo. At first he is with Shuhei Kuzunoha and Kiyo to take Misao, but he soon becomes friends with Misao after she pulls him out of an incinerator. Once Shuhei is killed, Kensuke is taken as the "guest" of the Daitengu and recites the first part of the Senka Roku to them and Kyo.


He is thought of to be scary and intimidating. His classmates are always questioning whether he has eyebrows or not but it has been confirmed he does but they are very thin. He is said to look the oppisite to his sister Kiyo. He has fair hair.

Sakurakouji's Character IntroductionEdit



Kensuke is a kind and slightly shy character. He cares about Misao and is grateful to her. Kensuke is a pacifist and often shows signs of not having enough human contact to act normally. He cares about his sister even when shes forcing him to do stuff he doesn't want to do. He really just wants to have fun and make friends despite his scary exterior.


Kiyo Dojoji - Kensuke's twin sister. She wants him to work with Shuhei to take Misao. They do not look alike and have very different personalities.

Shuhei Kuzunoha - For a short while, Kensuke is working with Shuhei to take Misao.

Misao Harada - Kensuke is supposed to take her or give her to Shuhei, but after Misao pulls Kensuke out from under an incinerator, Kensuke seems to stalk her, but they become friends. Kensuke keeps Misao's hankerchief which he uses after falling down the stairs at their school.