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Demon: Tengu


Taro (triplet sibling)

Saburo (triplet sibling)


Jiro is Taro's younger brother. He is always studying and wants Taro to do the same and not be a weak brother. Jiro doesn't like Taro because Kyo prefers Taro, whom he sees as someone who doesn't have manly attributes due to his brother's tenderness for cleaning, gardening and cooking. He views Taro as a needy scaredy cat and someone with whom he is in competition for Kyo's attention.


Sakurakouji's Character IntroductionEdit


At one point, Kyo tests Jiro by the ruse of a pink magatama supposed to be a crystal made from the Senka's blood. It's said to be impossible to come upon, thereby rare and rumored to have the ability to heal any Tengu's injury. Kyo waits to see what Jiro will do and, if he fails to use the magatama to heal his brother, Taro, Kyo will not let him join the eight great Tengu. 


Jiro is always studying. He doesn't read for fun, and thinks that if he works hard enough Kyo will love him instead of Taro. Although, the reason Kyo does not like Jiro as much is because of his lack of engagement with his brothers. Of in particular, with Taro, whom Kyo is well aware of being the target of Jiro's jealousy.


Saburo- Jiro's Brother. They are close and spend alot of their time together.

Taro- Jiro has been jealous of Taro's affection from Kyo in the past. He was mean to Taro and talked behind his backs untill Taro protected Jiro in the forrest. Then Jiro became grateful and started to be nice to his brother again, learning his lesson.

Kyo Usui- Jiro has respect for Kyo and will do anything to gain his affection.

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