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Buzen is one of Kyo's Daitengu, he helped bring him up with Sagami. Buzen is mature and tends to appear to others as a playboy. In volume two, Kyo tells Misao that Buzen has fooled around so much that he got an STD, along with other false rumors of the other Daitengu, it was only so Misao would not get extremely close to the Daitengu due to Kyo's jealousy. This happens after Misao has Hoki pose in a picture with her to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to show her friends, she is unable to take a picture and show herself with Kyo, due to him being their math teacher. Buzen apparently has feelings for Kyo and Sho's mother, Yuri. 


Sakurakouji's Character IntroductionEdit


Buzen became infatuated at first sight with Yuri, Kyo's mother. He also greatly admires the previous clan head. Out of great respect for both of Kyo's parents, Buzen promised to himself to faithfully serve either of their sons as one of the Daitengu. He also grows out a goatee in imitation of the previous clan head, although Kyo's father claims that he finds Buzen's dedication and admiring gaze creepy.